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Will Getting a Dental Crown Hurt?

October 19, 2023

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3D illustration of a dental crown

If you plan to get a dental crown, you may feel nervous. After all, the procedure has its share of nasty rumors. These whispers can make a person wonder: Does dental crown treatment hurt? In fact, you may fear that the cap will make your mouth pain worse. Truthfully, though, getting a crown is a smooth and painless process. Your Goodlettsville dentist can even explain why. Read on to learn how dental crown treatment is pain-free.

Crown Treatment is Painless

Generally, the standard crown procedure has two phases: the initial “preparation visit” and the later “crown placement.” However, neither one is painful.

Preparation Visit

Before you can get a crown, the dentist must prepare your tooth for it. As such, they’ll remove bits of your pearly white’s enamel. (Doing so helps the restoration fit well.) The process, though, isn’t a painful one. The dentist will numb your tooth beforehand with an anesthetic.

Following this “prep work,” the dentist will also take a dental impression. Lab workers will use the latter to make your final crown. Luckily, getting the impression won’t hurt either; it only has you bite into a soft putty.

Crown Placement

For the final placement, the dentist bonds the crown to your tooth. Said bonding shouldn’t hurt –  your tooth will be numbed for the procedure. In fact, the anesthesia fades so gradually that the chomper won’t feel anything until you return home.

Once the crown is placed, the dental team will make a few adjustments. These changes are so minor that you won’t even sense them.

A Slightly Sore Recovery

Crown treatment itself is painless, but you may feel sore after it’s done. That’s to be expected, as the treated tooth now has a slightly different shape.

Luckily, this symptom is a short-lived one. It’ll naturally fade after a few days or so. Still, contact your local dentist if your bite feels off or you have prolonged crown pain.

Delaying Treatment Causes Pain

Contrary to rumors, putting off a crown leads to pain. Delaying the treatment means your tooth damage will worsen. As that happens, your pearly white could get chips, cracks, or a dental emergency. You could then experience tooth sensitivity and intense dental pain.

In contrast, a quick crown procedure reduces and prevents pain. Once the cap is placed, it’ll protect the tooth from injuries and infections. From there, you can avoid a future root canal or tooth extraction.

Does dental crown treatment hurt? The answer is a clear and direct “no.” Therefore, see your dentist about getting the cap soon.

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